What powers Plume Labs?

Why “Plume”?

Plume n.

From latin “pluma” (feather) via Old French “plume”

Why Plume - Feather

1. A handsome and elegant feather (a plume in her hat).

Why Plume - Smoke

2. An upwelling of emissions released in the air (a plume of smoke).

Why Plume - Wearable Device

3. A personal companion that helps you breathe better.

Plume Team

We’re engineers, developers, researchers, strategists… and karaoke black belts. Our vision of a more breathable future is the driving force behind who we are and what we do.

Romain Lacombe, CEO & Co-Founder
Romain Lacombe

CEO & Co-Founder

Romain is a graduate from Ecole Polytechnique and MIT, as well as a marathon runner foiled by pollution. His passion for open data led him to co-found Etalab in 2011, the commission responsible for the French government’s Open Data policies.

David Lyssmir, CTO & Co-Founder
David Lissmyr

CTO & Co-Founder

David graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and Stanford University. After Silicon Valley, he joined a leading consulting firm to support large industrial groups on strategic topics. He has a young son and wishes he could breathe cleaner air.

Ryslaine Moulay, Lead Designer
Ryslaine Moulay

Lead Designer

Ryslaine is the magician behind Plume Labs’ graphic identity. A graduate from Science Po Paris and Strate Design School, she is a strategist as well as a designer. She has received several distinctions for her design work.

Baptiste Ravier, FullStack Developer
Baptiste Ravier

FullStack Developer

Baptiste is a former student at 42, a top computer science school in France. He is the wizard behind all things Plume “.com”, including – but not limited to – the Plume Cloud API, the World Air Map and… the webpage you’re currently reading.

Vincent Lemonnier, Mobile Software Developer
Vincent Lemonnier

Mobile Software Developer

Vincent is a mobile development expert. Ever since his graduation from the renowned Epitech school, he has been relentlessly improving the user interface of all Plume's products.

Vladimir Marzloff, Growth Specialist
Vladimir Marzloff

Growth and Partnership

Vladimir is leading all growth initiatives including marketing, PR and community building. He is also responsible for sourcing and executing partnerships. He graduated from HEC Paris.

Kristopher Amazan, Back-end Developer
Kristopher Amazan

Back-end Developer

Kristopher studied at 42, a top computer science school in France. He travels the world from his computer chasing air quality data in as many cities and countries as possible. Will he manage to cover every single square inch of the planet?

Boris Quennehen, Atmospheric Scientist
Boris Quennehen

Atmospheric Scientist

Boris holds a PhD in Atmospheric Sciences. He brings his thorough expertise in air pollutants and atmospheric models to the table, as well as strong data analysis skills. He is the cornerstone of Plume Labs’ scientific grounding (as well as its soccer team)!

Antoine Simon, Mechanical Engineer
Antoine Simon

Mechanical Engineer

A graduate from Arts et Métiers ParisTech (ENSAM), Antoine focuses on drawing intricate models and schematics for the Plume Sensor. He’s constantly raising the bar when it comes to air quality sensing miniaturisation.

Antoine Moroni, Electronics Engineer
Antoine Moroni

Electronics Engineer

Antoine, an electronics engineer from ESIEE Paris, works hard to conceive and refine the electronics behind the Plume Sensor. That sometimes implies disappearing in a dark room to run laser tests!

Stéphane Kaufmann, Lead Data Scientist
Stéphane Kaufmann

Lead Data Scientist

Stéphane graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and ENS Cachan with a passion for Artificial Intelligence. His expertise in cutting-edge data sciences enables him to build hourly predictions of air pollution levels across the world.

Lorine Delvallée, Operations
Lorine Delvallée


Lorine focuses on Plume Labs operations, from finance to talent management. Prior to Plume, she worked as a banker in London, New York and Paris. She graduated from Université Dauphine.

Benoit Desvignes, Data Scientist
Benoit Desvignes

Data Scientist

Benoît graduated from Université Dauphine and ENS Cachan with a keen interest in crunching numbers. He works on all our predictive models to help you keep ahead of pollution.

Léa Bouché, R&D Engineer
Léa Bouché

R&D Engineer

Léa graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris with a deep interest in innovative solutions to tackle environmental issues. As a research engineer, she dedicates her energy to the continuous improvement of the Plume sensor engineering aspects.

Joseph Pearson, Community Builder
Joseph Pearson

Community Builder

Joseph graduated from the LSE with degrees in Environmental Policy and Media and Communications. Combining his passions, he helps Plume foster an active community of eco-ambassadors through strong communications.

David Thibault, Industrial Engineer
David Thibault

Industrial Engineer

David graduated from Polytech Nice’s engineering school, before flying to Shenzhen, China for 4 years. On returning to Paris, he maintained close links with the country. At Plume, he’s in charge of making sure you get your hands on Flow thanks to a smooth manufacturing process!

Alberto Ortega Cabezón, R&D Engineer
Alberto Ortega Cabezón

R&D Engineer

Graduating with a broad engineering background after studies in Madrid, Munich and Paris, Alberto then started working in haptics. Now he helps develop air quality sensing at Plume.

Tyler Knowlton, Director of Communications
Tyler Knowlton

Director of Communications

Tyler has 15 years of experience in the communications field and a passion for public participation and citizen action. His goal is to get as many people involved with our quest for air transparency as possible.

Ghassen Ferchichi, Mobile App Developer
Ghassen Ferchichi

Mobile App Developer

Ghassen is a fifth year software engineer student specialising in mobile app development at ESPRIT School of Engineering. Before joining Plume, he worked for 6 months as an app developer for a startup. He is now responsible for improving user interfaces in our iOS App.

Binxiang Xiang, Research/Data Science Intern
Binxiang Xiang

Research/Data Science Intern

Binxiang is a final year engineering student at Ecole Centrale Paris specializing in Applied Mathematics and Data Science. As a research intern at Plume, he works on how to better detect and predict abnormal air pollution phenomena, such as peaks.

Camille Faubert, Office Manager
Camille Faubert

Office Manager

With a background in office management and project coordination, Camille has lived and worked in Paris, New York and London. Passionate about environmental issues and convinced everyone has a role to play in saving the planet, she joined Plume to help with administration and operational activities.

Adrien Baud, iOS Developer
Adrien Baud

iOS Developer

Graduate in Engineering from Université de Technologie de Belfort-Montbéliard (UTBM), Adrien has four years experience in mobile app development and the Internet of Things. At Plume, he makes sure everyone can easily access air quality data on their smartphone.

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