Let’s do something about air pollution

It costs every human an average 2 years life expectancy. Plume Labs gives you the power to change that for yourself, your loved ones, your community.


Data to understand & ideas to act

We build personal devices and apps that help you mesure your exposure, plan your journeys and activities, improve your home and workplace, and persuade decision makers.


Take a breath,
feel the Flow

Measure air quality, predict pollution and plan your commutes with your personal air quality sensor and companion app.


Air quality forecasts in your city

Know what the day will be made of, plan ahead, and discover what the world is breathing.


Business data solutions

Plume Labs’ AI-powered air quality data and forecasts made available for businesses of all shapes and sizes.


Plume Labs making headlines


Ideas from Team Plume

How Flow works

Flow: a handheld revolution against air pollution, and a milestone in the evolution of air quality monitoring. But how does it work... what's inside?

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Clearing the air: Aurélie's story

Since we launched Flow, we’ve been continually amazed at the stories of change we hear—bringing communities together with compelling data, pushing a case and winning.

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Raison d’être

For the people who move things forward

Change is in the air

We are building a community and empowering people to take action. Improving your own health as a first step to acting together is what we believe will bring an end to air pollution.

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