Technology for a cleaner future

Raising awareness

Part of our mission is to make the air we breathe more transparent. We invest a lot of energy and creativity into raising awareness of the largest environmental hazard globally.

Pigeon Air Patrol

In March 2016, Plume Labs equipped a flock of racing pigeons with air quality sensors to track atmospheric pollution in London. The campaign, jointly built with Digitas LBi, captured worldwide attention and contributed to air quality being firmly present at the core of the London Mayoral race.

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World Air Map #COP21

During COP21, we released the first world air quality map, illustrating in a brand new way the global scale of the pollution issue. Tomorrow our hardware-enabled data platform will allow micro-local pollution mapping and revolutionize the way we track and understand air pollution.

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The science behind Plume Labs

Because your health is at stake, we’ve focused intensely on the scientific grounding of our work. As evidence of this dedication, we’ve gathered a team of top-tier academic profiles and formed partnerships with world-class institutions (Imperial College, CNRS, etc.).

Miniature sensing technology

We’ve raised the bar when it comes to the miniaturisation of air quality sensing. We developed innovative hardware components and artificial intelligence based treatment software to build our wearable sensor – in partnership with the CNRS.

Atmospheric models

Our team of data scentists develops hourly air quality forecast models, combining the best of data sciences (artificial intelligence) and atmospheric sciences.

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Plume Index

Because urban citizens want simple and intuitive tools, we’ve created our own air pollution index. Based on WHO recommendations, the Plume Index helps to facilitate the conversation surrounding air pollution.

Behaviour change

Beyond air pollution data, we believe our mission is to help you breathe better through actionable recommendations. That’s why we’ve placed human behaviour at the heart of our approach – and partnered with a world-class behavioural scientist from Imperial College to deliver the best products to our clients.

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We’re building a powerful community of Ambassadors; clean air advocates from all over the world. Join them now!

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