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From extreme smoke events to street-level air quality data, discover our range of solutions for bringing air pollution information to your projects in an easy and engaging way.

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data platform

Live and forecast air quality data
Mapping and visualisations

From street corner to planet-scale, we have the air quality information you need for your project. Our live data and hourly forecasts enable businesses, researchers and organizations to build solutions that make the air more transparent and help people breathe free.

Air Quality Expertise

Project Design
Results analysis
Custom solutions

Sending sensors into the world can be complicated and hard to manage. Our team of experts is here to help. From crowdsourcing annual pollution averages to engaging your community in a public health campaign, we have the experience to help you plan the logistics, analysis, and communication of your project.

They Trust Us

Working together, we can use sensors, maps, and more to engage our communities in protecting their own health and to make strong sustainable choices.

Runners around the world are amongst the ultimate urban athletes. With the right information at the right time, our running communities can make critical choices to protect their health and improve their performances.

Reporters around the world used our tech to bring the Times’ award winning data journalism to life!

Why Plume Labs

We are scientists, communicators, and educators that live and breathe air quality data. Turning that data into actionable information is our passion, and helping you make change is our goal.

All you need, start to finish

On top of our full-spectrum solutions: machine learning models, fixed sensors, and personal pollution monitors, we have the expertise and experience to give you as much support as you need.

Unmatched data expertise

Our data has been benchmarked against the competition and we can confidently offer you industry-leading accuracy and process reliability trusted by leading science and tech companies.

Premium project support

Even the best laid plans can have unexpected twists and turns! Make sure your project stays on track with support from our top notch team of support experts—from train-the-trainer to participant support.

User-centric science

Collecting information is great, but it’s what you do with it that really matters and sometimes the process is as important as the product! We make sure every part of your project is approachable and actionable.

Customized solutions

Didn’t find exactly what you’re looking for? We can create a custom setup that fits your work perfectly. After years of working in the field, we know that pollution related projects can be as complex as the air itself.

Planet-scale to personal

Classroom to cafeteria, Australia to Alaska, we’ve got you covered—indoors and out! Personal pollution sensors for the hyper-local, global modelling and maps for the big picture, and everything in between.

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